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The Native Online Edition Program

Please, download the program that matches your OS:

The program takes profit of the protocol handler mechanism to open a document accessible through WebDAV with an available Office Suite. Unfortunately, this mechanism is not yet used for MacOS X.

Online Edition through WebDAV

For a long time, Silverpeas provides the users a easy way to edit the documents by using their favorite Office Suite (MS-Office, LibreOffice or suites). For doing, an external program is necessary to find an acceptable Office Suite and to launch it with the WebDAV URL of the document to edit.

The online edition is usually performed through a Java program that is installed and launched thanks to the Java Web Start mechanism. The installation and the upgrade of the program is done transparently thanks to this mechanism. Unfortunately, the security restrictions to use this mechanism are increasibly constraining and some of our users have complained of the refusal by the Web browser to launch the program. For example, the Chrome Web browser stops now the execution of any Java program. For the other Web browsers, we have normally fixed this issue and this problem shouldn't occur any more; it implies to use the latest version of Java in the user host (Java 8).

Nevertheless, in order to don't block our users when a such situation is occurring, we have decided to develop a native program, written in Go, in replacement of the Java one. As the deployment of this program isn't done by the Java Web Start mechanism, you have to download it explicitly according to your OS.