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Key features


  • A "turnkey" web platform
  • More than 30 applications ready to use
  • Easy structuring of collaborative work spaces
  • Deployment as needed of applications in workspaces
  • Strong technical architecture (data storage, application server, reverse proxy, LDAP synchronization, secure authentication, etc)

Silverpeas is the editor of the Silverpeas Open source collaborative portal (under GNU Affero GPL V3) developed in Java™.

Classification and organisation

Silverpeas is used to classify the contents on themes, independant of the spaces and folders in which they are stored and to for subscribing to themes.

User interface

The user interface has:

  • simplified WYSIWYG interface for editing
  • an access to the portal via the Web browser
  • personalised tools for the workspacel
  • multilingual interfaces and glossaries (fr/en)

Operating Systems

Silverpeas operates under:

  • Windows™
  • MacOS X™
  • Linux ,
  • with a relational database (SQL ANSI like Postgresql ), and a Java EE™ application server.


Silverpeas is compatible with the Portlet specifications: JSR 168 and 286.

It runs on a JDK 6 with a J2EE 1.4 Application server.

Software version

The latest available version is ${installer_stable_version} that you can download from the installation page.

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